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    How to Wear Spring Dresses in Winter

    In the Bay Area, you never know if you’re going to get rain, shine, ice, wind, or some other force of nature. This makes it difficult to stock your wardrobe but it also means that with a little creativity, you can wear your favorite pieces year round. :) We found this article highlighting ways to wear Spring dresses in the Winter by Refinery 29 and we thought we’d show you how we applied some their tips with our favorite MishMash pieces. 

    Colorblocked With A Sweater — If your dress is already comprised of large blocks of color, just throw it on over a solid-colored, lightweight sweater. Don’t forget your tights! MishMash Dress: Rockstart, on sale $45.00

    With A Long Cardigan — We love how cozy a knit cardigan looks with a springtime dress. A long, bum-grazing length makes for an interesting silhouette and keeps your body looking long. Also? Tights. Don’t forget them. MishMash Dress: Sweetheart, on sale $40.00

    Under An Oversized Sweater — If you’ve a floaty, ethereal spring dress, make it seasonally appropriate by wearing it under a chunky sweater with a large neck. Do we have to remind you again? Don’t forget your tights! MishMash Dress: Mocha Lite, on sale $35.00

    With Neutral Layers — This is the time to bust out your turtlenecks, ponchos, leggings, vests, and anything else you’ve been resorting to wearing this winter. Paired with a patterned spring dress, your usual winter uniform gets a much-welcomed dose of lightness. MishMash Dress: Borderline, on sale $38.00

    With Over-The-Knee Boots — Show off your boots (and your dress!) with a ’60s-style combo. Make sure your dress is on the boxy side to balance out the sassiness of those boots. MishMash Dress: Mod Squad, on sale $45.00

    Send us pictures of how you wear your Spring dresses in the Winter!


    — 2 years ago